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Big Data in your call center, yes it’s there!

Intelligent Toll Free

It's common for companies to record customer service calls. But what insights are they gaining from all that data?

You hear the recording whenever your phone a contact centre: "Calls may be recorded for training and quality purposes." Companies use recordings for training and compliance purposes all the while missing out on the native Big Data information gold mine they're sitting on just a few clicks away.

The issue facing every company today is knowing how to organize Big Data. Every contact centre is constantly acquiring a ton of customer experience data, but without an efficient way of turning this into viable information for business optimization, it's essentially useless.

Intelligent Toll Free is the solution.

Intelligent Toll Free converts your Big Data into profitable business metrics. Data analysis accurately identifies customer behavior and trends enabling you to exceed experience expectations for the lifeblood of your company; Your Customer.

Our Analytics dashboard makes it possible to spot trends BEFORE they become an issue. No matter what volume of voice traffic your support; we analyse everything so your don't have too. Imagine being able to free up your Quality Assurance teams to implement changes instead of spending days finding what our analytics engine made possible for your to find a few clicks.

With implementing Intelligent Toll Free your call center will be able to;

  • Target only specific recordings for analysis. 
  • Train agents with a focus on identified issues.
  • Measure what callers are saying, valuable market intelligence can be captured and used for product and service planning.  
  • Turn every call into a valuable business metric. 
Customer experience is what dictates training and processes within any contact center environment, take the next and equip your team with the right tools to succeed.
For more information contact us at or 1-866-799-9222 and select Option 3
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