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Creating Customer Service Rockstars!

Your customer has purchased your product or service, which is great but when they run into an issue, how confident are you that your service team will be able to help and retain the customer?  This is a question every service manager asks themselves at one point or another.  Building out your processes and team in most cases is a very methodical process subject to trial and error that can be very costly and time consuming.  Customer retention is critical, when up to 68% of defecting customers leave as a result of poor service, indicators of service levels helps enormously.

Ensuring your team is performing at top levels requires resources you are paying for. This includes tools, time and hired expertise.  How would you feel if you could find a solution that not only facilitates your standard Toll-Free services, but also QA recording and additionally a myriad of insight into your organisation’s performance?  Aizan is proud to present Intelligent Toll Free, which offers all of this, and more.

With Intelligent Toll-Free our clients have the ability to track performance with many different KPI’s in near real time.  We use a combination of Metrics, and Speech and Emotive Analytics to help you reach your goals of customer satisfaction while saving time on QA and training. Add value to your customer experience strategy allowing you to excel.  One of the greatest benefits of our platform is how quickly you can learn about your customers while freeing up time to train and coach your team on what matters.

Take the next step and enable your team to become CS Rockstars with Aizan!

For more information contact us at or 1-866-799-9222.

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