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Intelligent Toll Free

With the recently released Intelligent Toll Free platform, I have been asked a few times what is it? My typical jokingly reply is, what isn't it?  But lets get serious here for a second this new product is unlike anything the market has seen.  Having provided IVR services for the last 15 years to some of the most influential companies in Canada we thought about how can we take Toll Free services to the next level and this is our answer.

Toll free services when introduced were a great way to have your customer reach you from anywhere in North America without the potential long distance fees making the customer experience a better one.  But what if you could take that service and convert it into something that provided more value than just cost relief to your customer,  that was our mindset as well, which is why we created Intelligent Toll Free.  

Intelligent Toll Free is collection of features and functionality that are essential for any organisation. By integrating this service you receive a Complex IVR, Stereo Recording with an industry leading analytics engine providing insight into your call centre and clients like never before! With this visibility you are able to isolate and identify troubling calls, improve training based on feedback, gain valuable market intelligence and most importantly get to know your client better.  This is achieved through a variety of analytics and metrics that focus on language, emotion and agent handling of a call.

With implementing Intelligent Toll Free your call center will be able to;

  • Spend less QA time listening to random recordings.
  • Train agents with a focus on identified issues.
  • Uncover valuable market intelligence that can be captured and used for product and service planning.  
  • Ensure you are compliant.

For more information contact us at or 1-866-799-9222 and select Option 3
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