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Post Call Survey

Aizan provides Survey Tools to organizations across North America, who use the capabilities for a number of functions including voting, employee response, vendor service confirmation and service ratings.

Service rating surveys, or post call survey is probably the most interesting as it provides a direct comparison to other measurement tools like email or “reach out” measurement tools that often happen sometime after the client interaction.


A key differentiator of the Aizan Survey Tool is that it can be geared for almost any post call survey including Net Promoter Score (NPS), Qualitative message type feedback, J.D. Power classification or a combination of different Quantitative and Qualitative responses.

  • Highly flexible application that provides the ability to launch different survey questions or even distinct surveys based on multiple facets like time of day, time of year, campaign specific etc.
  • Capture feedback when the interaction is still fresh.
  • Real-time and can be acted on immediately, or in aggregate, based on the Client’s needs.
  • Ability to link data between the results and the agent who facilitated the call.
  • Capture data by either Verbal responses converted to Speech to Text or by keypad entries.


Based on the current programs that Aizan has running with large Enterprise clients, the speed, accuracy and levels of response for a post call survey is substantially higher and more accurate than any “after the fact” survey tool.

A large client who converted from email surveys to the Aizan post call survey saw dramatic improvements in the number of respondents(8% -v- 71%) which provided them with an opportunity of improving their Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores through direct and immediate agent intervention and training (88% -v- 91%).

The increased number of completed surveys has also provided additional data and analytics capabilities since the population of respondents is so much higher.
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