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Finding the Key to Sales Sucess

Sales is one of the more challenging aspects of a business, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is if you have issues getting these products out the door then you will have little success in growing the business.  To achieve sales greatness there is no real answer, multiple avenues of marketing and training have to be taken but even still how do you know it is working outside of waiting for your quarterly numbers to come in.

Aizan has been working with leading call centers from many of the most influential companies in Canada for over 16 years.  We not only understand the importance of connecting with your customer but making this connection an efficient one that provides your customer with a great experience and making the best use of your agents time.  

This is achieved by utilizing our Intelligent Toll- Free service, the journey starts by providing standard Toll-Free local and long distance while coupling this with Stereo Recordings.  The real intelligence happens with our Score cards, these are a set of Analytics and Metrics which give visibility on what is going on in your Call Center.  The metrics focus on the Call Duration, how long are your average calls along with Silence Score which identifies the average amount of silence within a call helping you make your calls more efficient.  Analytics come in two different flavors Speech and Emotive and have many different categories of which it observes. Speech Analytics focus on the context of the call providing visibility to Sales Ownership, Objection Handling, Sales Language, Assumptive Closes among many others.  Emotive centers around the person and emotions driven by your customers pitch and tone as they speak with your agents identifying Energy, Stress, Affinity and Emotive Involvement levels.

By bundling all of the insight within our Intelligent Toll-Free service, Sales Call Centers are able to;

  • Boost Sales Revenues
  • Become leaders in Customer Experience
  • Quantify Campaign effectiveness.
  • Identify Sales Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Operate more efficiently.
  • Fix issues before they become problems.
  • Adjust and adapt training programs.
  • Save on Quality Assurance resources and Time.

For more information contact us at or 1-866-799-9222.

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