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How do you measure Customer Experience in your Call Centre?

Making your Toll Free Intelligent

Customer Experience is one of the buzzwords for 2017, however with such a competitive marketplace how do you deliver the best possible experience? The process for many years has been to evaluate a sample of calls chosen by your quality assurance team which is then scored and used for training to correct any issues. This way of QA has been effective but with higher call volumes and very little margin for error, how can you stand out in the crowd?

Why worry about Customer Experience?

  • One of the Top Corporate Goals in 2017
  • 9 out of 10 believe companies could do a better job
  • Good CX rewards investors, not just customers

What organisations need the most work on Customer Experience?

  • Telecommunications, Retail and E-Commerce
  • Health Insurance, Airlines, Banks 
Traditional QA Model
Outside of the traditional methods of understanding your customer’s experience many organisations are using this methodology.

The issue is that with so much data and very little time to react it can be very cumbersome and costly to stay competitive in this space.

Our engagement with large enterprise over the last 18 years, we have heard the same stories of how difficult it was to stay ahead, which is why we created i800 with speech analytics. i800 is fully cloud based and can be added to virtually any call centre or enterprise with no one premise equipment or upfront investment, allowing you to take advantage of speech and emotive analytics.

You can now provisioning and manager your Toll Free assets in one easy to use web portal and add recording and speech analytics for an extensive solution that automatically provides CX metrics and data as calls are completed.

The Analytics Game Changer!

How does it help?

  • Understand experience with context
    • Eg Long queue wait: Customer irate - agent stressed
  • Focus on “moment of truth”
    • Repeat contact
    • Customer gets upset
    • Trouble with other channel before calling
  • Adopt Customer Effort as overarching metric
    • Drives both Cost and Customer experience

Benefits of Speech Analytics

  • Removes subjectivity and opinion based call evaluations
  • Accurate assessment with more precise indication of frequency
  • Applied to 100% of calls
  • Analyze both agent adherence and caller responses
  • Added Intelligence to quality monitoring and call evaluation

Contact us today to take you on a test drive with the future of Quality Assurance!

For more information contact us at or 1-866-799-9222 and select Option 3
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