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Redaction uses speech analytics technology to automatically remove PCI sensitive authentication and cardholder data from your incoming call recordings or call recording archives.  When speech recognized PCI sensitive information such as account numbers is spoken, the audio is muted - taking your call recordings out of PCI scope.

We provide this service as part of our Voice Analytics as well as a hosted service for any recordings that were recorded outside of the Aizan voice platform.

Aizan is PCI compliant (level 1) and once the recordings have been redacted at our datacentre, recordings are returned to you, with original and any other data destroyed at Aizan. Alternatively, we can store your redacted recordings and make them available via a web interface. All of our datacentres and services are operated from locations in Canada, ensuring that your recordings and information are protected and not subject to any other security scrutiny or legislation.

How it works

We use Speech to Text to convert the recording to text and then search the text for any PCI sensitive data, when we find then, we replace the target word in the recording with a blank.

PCI Redaction
PCI redaction redacts all speech recognized numbers where two or more numbers are found in sequence. Any two numbers within one word of each other are redacted. Examples
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