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Quality Assurance in Stereo

Aizan Enhanced Recording Engine

Aizan has developed a unique recording capability that allows for independent audio channel recording between two or more parties e.g. an agent and a customer. We call this audio recorder the Aizan Enhanced Recorder (AERo).

By recording each channel, we have the ability to combine the recordings into a stereo recording, providing greater control and improved productivity for quality assurance of recordings.

We have extended the functionality into our web call recording player that gives clients’ extended control over call recordings.

Channel selection

You can now choose if you want to listen to the recording where both parties are talking, or you can select to listen to a specific channel. In the case of one channel, you will only hear the person on that channel talking, with silence gaps when the other channel is talking.

  • Skip any silences, essentially speeding up playback.
  • Improved productivity for QA teams with channel selection.
  • Listen to the conversation in a real world situation where each channel is delivered separately.
  • Ability to be compliant by listening to one of the conversations without exposing confidential information.
  • In the event that a recording has been flagged e.g. harassment, listening to the specific channel containing the harassment is easy, productive and efficient.
For more information contact us at or 1-866-799-9222 and select Option 3
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