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Quality Assurance in Stereo

Highly Intelligent Player

Aizan has developed a web based call recording capability that allows for independent audio channel recording between two or more parties (e.g. an agent and a customer). We call this audio recorder the Highly Intelligent Player (HIP).

We can record each channel and have the ability to combine the recordings into HIP.

This will provide a greater control and improved productivity for quality assurance of recordings.

When combined with our voice analytics software TILES, the web based recording capability becomes a powerful tool that improves efficiency and greater insights into your customers.

This can be a game changer on how they interact on the telephone.

Channel selection

You now can choose if you want to listen to the recordings where both parties are talking, or select to listen to a specific channel. For example, in the case of one channel, you will only hear the person on that channel talking, with brief silence gaps when the other channel is in use.

What are the benefits?

  • Skip any silences, essentially speeding up playback
  • Improved productivity for QA teams
  • Web based recording storage
  • Accessible from any browser 
  • In the event that a recording has been flagged (e.g. harassment), you can pinpoint the specific channel containing the harassment, rather than digging through recordings to find the problem. 

HIP makes it easy to provide quick quality assurance on all recorded calls, feeling at ease that every call is at its best performance.

For more information contact us at or 1-866-799-9222 and select Option 3
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