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Redaction uses speech analytics to automatically remove Payment Card Industry (PCI) sensitive information such as credit card and authorization codes from your daily call recordings or call recording archives. Any information that meets the confidentiality standard for PCI data is redacted or removed so that the recording becomes compliant with today's regulatory and legal requirements.

We provide this service as part of our leading edge One Voice Cloud platform. Voice Analytics and redaction can be applied to either recordings that we make in our private, secure cloud or by processing your archived call recordings. We offer multiple methods for uploading and processing your recordings that included Secure FTP and RESTful API's.

As a PCI DSS (level 1) service provider, we are audited regularly by third party auditors to ensure that we are compliant with the PCI standard. Your recordings are part of the rigorous standards that are applied and once the recordings have been processed, the redacted recording is returned to you and the original is destroyed and never stored or "at rest".

Alternatively, we can store your redacted recordings and make them available via a web interface, or process them through our industry leading Voice Analytics platform 4 for further analysis.

All of our data centres and services are operated from locations in Canada, ensuring that your recordings and information are protected and not subject to any other security scrutiny or legislation.

How it works

We use Speech to Text to convert the recording to text and then search the text for any PCI sensitive data, when we find any data in the conforms, we replace the target word in the recording with a blank.

PCI Redaction
PCI redaction redacts all speech recognized numbers where two or more numbers are found in sequence. Any two numbers within one word of each other are redacted.
Example shown below:
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