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Tackling Voice Analytics in an affordable and logical way.

The Problem

Big data and Voice Analytics can be the elephant in the room.

They are tied together and have the same problem - the data collection is massive.

All the answers are there, but how to ask the question becomes critical and to even make a start, you need to invest a substantial amount in technology and resources.

Most vendors will run test data for you, using sample data and providing the results back in concise and focused presentation.

Asking weighing questions like:

"Does Voice Analytics make sense for our business, will it be useful?"

" Do we need it all the time?"

"Can it make a difference to our customers and the business as a whole?"

The answer is Yes.

The Solution

The OVC platform records calls in high-quality stereo which are then processed by various analytics tools, providing a comprehensive analysis of what was said and how it was said.

We believe in the little steps and Voice Analytics TILES is designed to provided actionable information within hours of activation. From business metrics, insights into customers conversations as well as identifying potential risks, Voice Analytics TILES provides data you can use and act on.

See your data

To assist in quickly identifying which calls should be reviewed, Voice Analytics TILES provides a visual categorization with click through for high level dashboard as well as detailed review of the results for each telephone call.

Why is it called TILES?

TILES represents the calls that should be reviewed.

Giving you a clear idea on how to resolve of the telephone call.

How do you find the 1%?

This can be the challenge of your business and if not addressed, could result in a lawsuit. With Voice Analytics TILES, you can instantly see and take action on calls where "legal actions" were mentioned. This also applies to the other categories built into TILES.


Our Voice Analytics TILES offers over categories that be customized with your own thresholds and alarms, ensuring that information that is important to your business is highlighted.

Voice Analytics Eureka provides insights of what customers are saying, filtered by all sorts of metadata, including post-call survey, DNIS, CLID, date in a dashboard with specific words.


  • ​Reducing the number of QA team members required
  • Identify more calls and agents in need of training
  • Identify issues before they escalate

Saying goodbye to the awkward elephant in the room.....

For more information contact us at or 1-866-799-9222 and select Option 3
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