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Traditional QA vs Intelligent Toll Free

Contact centers have practiced quality assurance (QA) for the past 3 decades with little change to their approach. The standard time consuming QA process is to record, assess and evaluate a sample of calls to uncover issues. Once these issues are identified the information is then used to coach and develop agents so that past discrepancies are not repeated. Lately the direction of most contact centers is to utilize their QA staff to identify trends, challenges and opportunities that may interest or impact other parts of the organisation. However, this remains a highly labor-intensive exercise where QA staff still needs to listen to a large number of recorded calls to find the interactions that provide agent coaching or realization opportunities. In addition to the inefficiencies there are still issues with the data.  Having multiple people score calls leads to bias and inconsistencies. But now there is a way to improve the QA process which in turn leads to increased agent quality and productivity resulting in an enhanced customer experience

Intelligent Toll Free captures the essence of a traditional QA process within the cloud by utilizing a big data engine that focuses on spoken word and emotive analytics derived from the recording of every call that passes through your Toll Free Number.  This in turn frees up time for QA staff to focus on issues and trends vs. uncovering them.  The following diagrams will walk through a standard QA process using Intelligent Toll Free.

This is one of the many configurable dashboard that can be customized by our clients.

As displayed there are 10,000 calls that have been processed in a 14 day period.  Any box highlighted in red signifies an alert that has been set off in our system based off the recordings for this date range.   By clicking on any of the boxes a call report screen will be displayed showing all calls, for that particular category, that had a problematic call trigger.  In this particular instance we will display the 1% of calls where “Legal Action Mention” was triggered.

Upon clicking the box a call detail screen presents the consolidated list of calls where there was a “Legal Action Mention”

After clicking the box there are now 93 records to review which is roughly 1% of 10 000.  To determine the most problematic calls the filter “Dissatisfaction Indicator” has been clicked so that calls where people were dissatisfied among other characteristics are displayed taking the guess work out of identifying some of the bigger issues where legal action was mentioned.  At first glance it is obvious that “Call ID 59169” had triggered the most alerts.

There are two options to review this particular call. The first would be to listen to the call by clicking the arrow beside the referenced Call ID.  Once clicked you are prompted with a menu to either “Play” or “Download”.

If there is a need to share the audio click simply click “Download” and a Wav file will be provided for distribution.

Once “Play” is clicked a QA player is popped up to review the call audibly.

The second method of reviewing the call, albeit from a higher level, is to click the referenced “Call ID” which will route you to the “Call Analytics Detail” screen displaying all analytical data relevant to the call.

See how easy that was. You just saved what would have been hours or days identifying this call.   Go have a coffee and drive positive change in your organisation.

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