• Call Recording

    High quality stereo recording based on a specific percentage or call types.

    We have developed a web based call recording capability that allows independent audio channel recording between two or more parties

    (e.g an agent and a customer).

    We call this audio recorder the Highly Intelligent Player (HIP).

  • How it works?

    Channel Selection

    You can now choose if you want to listen to the recordings where both parties are talking, or select to listen to a specific channel.

    For example, in the case of one channel, you will only hear the person on that channel talking, with brief silence gaps when the other channel is in use.

    This can save QA teams time and cost, making them more productive.

    This allows you to now listen to individual channels of call, separating the caller from the agent and where required, suppress the silence on recording.

  • Highly Intelligent Player

    This high quality stereo recorder is capable of all call types and based on specific percentage.

  • Benefits


    Record the calls to train agents and improve the Quality Assurance metrics.


    Resolve potential customer disputes equitably based on actual conversations.


    Resolve potential legal disputes and ensure compliance adherence.


    Maximize QA time and effort using the browser based tools without any on-premise requirements

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