• Redaction

    We can ensure that your recordings are compliant by redacting them.

    Sensitive information like credit card or other regulated information is located on the recording and is redacted.

    This ensures that your customer sensitive information is protected and makes your business compliant.

  • How it works?

    Get compliant.

    Any data that has been removed will be replaced with a "blank space" in the recording.

    One Voice Cloud can record your calls or you can provide your call recordings to us via API or SFTP. Each recording is then processed and redacted on the "type" of redaction that you require.


    The original recording is then destroyed before the redacted version is stored on the OVC platform. For recordings that were recorded by OVC, they are available via the portal whilst recording that you provided are returned using the same method we received them - API, SFTP or storage device.

  • 3 Types of Redaction


    Nuclear Redaction

    To remove all numbers where two or more digits are found in sequence or where any two digits within one of each other are found.


    PCI Redaction

    Redacts all information specified as PCI related ie. credit cards.

    It locates keywords in the transcript and redacts the numbers near those keywords based on defined parameters.


    Custom Redaction

    You can create your own version of redaction. This is a custom process as we jointly define what information needs to be redacted.

  • Benefits


    Remove customers information that is legally protected by legislation in both Canada and the U.S


    Provide recordings to a wider internal audience within your organization knowing that sensitive data has been removed.


    Use our platform engine or provide your own recording to be reached.

    API, SFTP or a hardware device

    Use our API, SFTP or a hardware device for getting recordings to us.

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