• Analytics TILES

    We can provide high-level, actionable analytics that are perfect for QA teams.

    By partnering with the leading Voice Analytics research companies, we can extract the key data metrics from any telephone call

    and present them in an easy to use TILE dashboard.

  • How it works?

    It's simple.

    Our platform records calls in high quality stereo and is processed by the analytics engine, providing a comprehensive analysis of what was said and how it was said.

    Detailed and quick

    We believe in little steps and TILES is designed to provide actionable information within hours of activation. If it is either business insights or identifying potential risks.

    TILES provides data you can use and action.

  • See your data.

    Easy to read TILES dashboard.

    To assist in quickly identifying which calls should be reviewed, TILES provides a visual categorization with click through for high level dashboard as well as detailed review of the results for each telephone call.

    How do you find the 1% of calls that could be a challenge to your business. If not addressed, this could result in a lawsuit. With TILES, you can instantly see and take action on calls where legal actions were mentioned.

  • Benefits


    Reducing the number of QA teams members required.


    Identify more calls and agents in need of training.


    Identify issues before they escalate.

  • Need in depth analytics?

    Try our One Voice Cloud Eureka!

  • Analytics Eureka

    Is a potent and scalable contact analytics solution that automates this overwhelming process by analyzing every interactions in a customers journey.

    Word clouds to transcription.

  • How it works?

    Business intelligence.

    The system automatically analyzes the interactions for certain language patterns to categorize or tag contacts as containing certain language or characteristics.

    Advanced speech

    This combines the presence of certain language and other key metrics into an index that measures various performance indicators such as agent quality, customer satisfaction, emotion and first contact resolution.

    Automatic topic analysis

    Discovery, category analysis, and score analysis is achieved through a web interface that allows users to search for contacts using any criteria. This can visualize data in any number of ways and conduct an automatic topic analysis.

  • Word Clouds

    The ability to see what customers are saying, filtered by all sorts of metadata

    including post-call survey, DNIS and CLID.

  • Benefits

    Improve Performance

    Objective scoring on 100% of agent interactions.


    Quickly identify at risk customers.

    Reduce Risk

    Lower the likelihood of fines and lawsuits.

    Reduce Cost

    This can increase first call resolution.

  • Let's get started.

    Have any questions? We'll get back to you with more information.

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