• Texting Conversations

    Two-way text messaging that is linked to your Toll Free number

    driving brand recognition using one communication point.

    Now your customers can use the same Toll Free number for both telephone calls and texting.

  • How it works?

    We enable text services on your existing or new Toll Free number.

    This provides you with Texting Conversations web portal through which you can have text conversations with your new and existing customers.

    From there, you promote your text enabled Toll Free number to your customers.

    Questions getting answered.

    Customers can send inquiries to your text enabled Toll Free number. Your team receives and responds to customers inquiries directly from Texting Conversations web portal.

  • Texting Conversations Portal Features

    Concurrent Text Conversations

    With several customers.

    Web Access

    From any browser.

    Assign Agents

    Assign Toll Free numbers and new messages to Agents.

    Quick Replies & Auto Replies

    Can be created as per your company policies.

    Audio & Visual Alerts

    Inside the portal when you receive a new text from your customers.

    Internal Notes

    All within the portal about conversations with customers & follow up details.

  • What you can do.

    From troubleshooting to a checking status. We made it easy.


    Offers technical help to your customer via text message with embedded solution URL in the text bodies.


    This allows customers to report issues about a product or a service via

    text message.

    Online Order

    Your customer can place an order via text message by sending a text to your

    Toll Free number where an agent/admin will receive the text and book the order.


    Your customer can cancel the order by sending a text message to your

    Toll Free number. 


    Your customers can send a text message to your Toll Free number and schedule an appointment.


    Your customer can request a call back incase they are facing any challenge with your product or a service.

    Check Status

    Your customers can check the status of your shipment by sending a text message to your Toll Free number with the required details such as receipt numbers.


    Your customer can check the balance by sending a text message to your Toll Free number with those required details.

  • Benefits

    Two Way Communication

    Enables two way communication between customer service agents and customers.

    New Opportunities

    Opens up the channels of choice for new and existing customers with your company.  


    A single customer service agent can support 3-5 customers

    via text message.


    Provides privacy to the customer in case the customer is unable to talk to the customer service agent.

    Example: sitting in a crowded place.

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