• Voice

    We can do almost anything with a telephone call and you can add each module

    or functionality set when required.

    The interface is clean and simple but provides the ability to build very complex call routing and control.

    APIs and external data look-ups ensure that any integration with your systems is there when you need it.

  • Features

    Call Allocation

    Route calls based on time, day, date, CLID, DNIS and all sorts of other control that include remote API responses.

    Call Queuing

    High capacity call queuing, that is scalable, flexible and includes custom in-queue messaging and music.


    Sophisticated IVR, with a myriad set of functionality, including web access for ease of use and real-time deployment.

    Post Call Survey

    Gain invaluable insights with customer feedback in a flexible format with results that are available in real-time.

    Recording Sources

    Record on our Cloud, or provide recordings from your premise equipment.


    Two-way fax service with fax forwarding, print to fax and online storage.

    If you need it, it is there.

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