• A voice fabric that wraps around your telephone network, connecting you to your

    customer like never before.

    Powered by Aizan.

  • Our Platform

    The One Voice Cloud platform offers full telephony functionality with carrier diversity, in one place that is easy to

    use, secure and highly scalable.


    All services are run within the portal with full user access.

    A highly scalable and secure portal that provides all the functionality and control for One Voice Cloud in a single, easy to use framework.


    To ensure that your toll free numbers are always working.

    All numbers provisioned by OVC will automatically be held in the Asset Manager module and you can upload all of your other telephone numbers for simple, easy access and control.



    We offer integrated Over The Top IP Trunking on which any of the services can be added. This includes our Connection Quality Test Tool (CQTTy-Pi3) which tests connections and alarms when quality drops.  

    Learn more about our services, starting with our One Voice Cloud Portal.

  • Value Add

    Our value add functionality uses call recording to analyse the actual content of each call.

    Our tools provide high level granular results, dashboards and views to meet your exact needs.

    Call Recording

    Web accessible and PCI compliant.

    We track each channel and analyse them separately to ensure that the content and context of each call is clear.


    We offer 3 types of redaction: "nuclear", PCI and custom.

    It ensures that your customers sensitive information is protected and makes your business compliant with multiple regulations and laws like HIPAA and PIPEDA.

    Speech Analytics

    Simple TILE's dashboard to complex transcription.

    TILES provides a high-level analytics perfect for QA teams, while Eureka provides in depth analytics such as word clouds and transcription.

    Learn more about our value add services, we have so much more to offer.

  • Powered by Aizan.

    We are an idea-based company that creates intelligent cloud-communication tools.

    Our cloud platform helps major enterprises across North America stay connected and informed.

    How do we do it?

    Aizan is a bright, nimble company that thrives on ideas and demonstrates voice leadership. In partnership with other innovative companies, we create intuitive and intelligent tools that help you connect with customers efficiently.

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