Meet Aizan Inc.

Aizan is an idea-based company that creates intelligent cloud-communication tools. We are driven by our customers’ needs and aim to bring them the very best solutions the marketplace has to offer whether built by us or others. We believe in leveraging the best tools, platforms and thought processes, to continually transform ourselves and our customers. The company specializes in CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) solutions that allow its customers to connect to their customers like never before, while providing an enhanced customer experience.

Founded in 1999, Aizan is privately-held, with its corporate headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.

Why we do what we do

At Aizan, we love nothing better than a good problem. The more complex the better. Over the years, we have solved many complex voice and messaging challenges for some of North America’s largest companies.

Our bespoke approach is a blend of ideation and engineering, underpinned with a mindset of creating micro processes that can connect anyone to anything.

Unlike peers, who apply standardized products to every situation, we design elegant solutions specific to our clients’  business requirements. By blending fresh ideas with business intelligence, Aizan delivers intuitive, economic solutions.

Give us your challenges and we will deploy, manage and evolve solutions that will delight your team and your customers.

Aizan Technologies Inc - Voice market place - about the companyAizan Technologies Inc - Voice market place - about
Aizan Technologies Inc - Voice market place - about
Our mission

Aizan Technologies ideates solutions that allow its customers to connect with their customers in every way possible. “Connecting Anyone to Anything” therefore, is not only the stated vision of the company, but also the guiding principle which forms the underpinning of how our company approaches the challenge. It is a statement without boundaries, because our mission can only be achieved through the collective curiosity of our team and an unwavering mindset of “what’s possible”.

Our history

As early as 1999, our founders established one of the first hosted IVR solutions in Canada, with a vision of providing intelligent solutions to companies who want to stop the hardware buying cycle. In the beginning, we focussed on the information that we gathered as part of a telephone call. Our vision was “data collection innovation”. Back then, the ability to present data on a website was also a key differentiating factor and we had great success with helping national franchisors collect information from their franchisees.

Today the company’s advanced products are leveraging AI, Analytics and Automation. Aizan Technologies has remained true to its vision of providing cloud-native solutions that are simple, robust, scalable and affordable. The consistent throughline over more than twenty years has been the desire to innovate.

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