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Access the power of SMS Marketing to transform your customer connections with MessageKite

Supercharge your business communication with SMS messaging integration. Reach customers instantly, increase engagement, improve customer satisfaction, and drive revenue by leveraging the power of SMS messaging. Learn more about MessageKite today!

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Transform customer connect with MessageKite

Medical professionals, calculate the money you can save with MessageKite here!

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MessageKite helps you meet new industry regulations and ensure your campaigns reach their intended audience

In the dynamic world of business messaging, compliance is crucial. Ensure your SMS campaigns adhere to the highest standards by leveraging The Campaign Registry with MessageKite.

Complying with its rules guarantees that your messages reach their intended recipients, without risking fines or damaging your reputation. With The Campaign Registry, you can rest easy, knowing that your business messaging campaigns are in full compliance, enabling you to engage customers effectively, drive conversions, and build long-lasting relationships.

MessageKite helps you meet industry regulations

Effective alerts

Utilities, schools and government offices can capitalize on the high SMS open rates, to ensure urgent alerts and notifications are communicated quickly and effectively.

Reduce "no-shows"

Medical offices and other professional settings can reduce lost revenues and disruptions attached to costly appointment cancellations and no-shows.

Streamline deliveries

Dramatically enhance the communication around delivery scheduling, in-transit updates and delivery confirmations, reducing inbound inquiries.

Experience the benefits of MessageKite

Messagekite - simple pricing
Simple pricing

Our prices include fees that are often outside the published price. Furthermore, you just buy the credits that you need. No monthly fees or contracts.

Messagekite - compliant
Compliant with new regulations

The Campaign Registry is a new, centralized registry with which all SMS campaigns must comply. We’ll ensure that your campaigns don’t get blocked.

Messagekite - Integrates seamlessly
Energize your existing landline

MessageKite integrates seamlessly with your existing landline to ensure continuity of service and retain equity in your current number.

Messagekite - a complimentary connection point
A complimentary connection point

Add an additional customer connection point, adding flexibility to your customers’ ability to engage your company through their preferred channel.

Messagekite - Each interaction is documented
Each interaction is documented

SMS Messaging provides a record of every customer interchange. No need to record calls so you can listen to them later on.

Messagekite - Automate recurring messages
Automate recurring messages

Create templated messages that can be automated to be sent on any schedule, customized for each customer while saving time and money.


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