Stop settling for a simple toll-free service!

Energize your toll-free service with enterprise-grade features at a price everyone can afford. Learn more today!

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Includes 7 days of free call recording

Energize your toll-free service with enterprise-grade features at a price everyone can afford.


Great per minute rates


Seven days of free call recording included


Simplified self-serve access to memorable toll-free numbers


Text enable your existing and new toll-free numbers


Real-time toll-free traffic monitoring capabilities included


Built in redundant network resiliency


More than just a toll-free number!

A great rate per minute

In addition to the many value-added features available, we will match or even beat your current pricing.

Real-time call monitoring

Aizan’s unique tools allow you to monitor toll-free traffic in real-time and simultaneously measure call quality.

Call recording

Remember, seven days of recording all calls on your number, is a standard part of our package!

Dynamic routing

Our sophisticated platform allows you to dynamically route calls in an instant and implement complex routing rules.

Select your own numbers

Find “vanity” and simple toll free numbers that make it easy for your customers to remember your company.

Text to toll-free

Text-enable all of your toll free numbers which will provide your customers with a more robust point of communication.

Network resiliency

Build a reliable customer connection achieved through sophisticated network resiliency capabilities.

Grow your market

Provide simple, direct access to your company, not only to people across the country, but international customers as well.

Look and act local while remaining centralised with our Local Number Provisioning

Local numbers are a great way to give your business a regional feel. Looking and acting local, while remaining centralised, ensures that your business has a wider market, a local feel, and contains costs and efficiencies by centralising resources and skills.

Our Local number provisioning service, provides Search, Purchase, Activate, Port-in and Port-out local numbers almost anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. It’s interconnected with multiple carriers in these regions, ensuring a wide network footprint.

Our service includes a free asset manager that provides a centralised point for keeping and managing all your local numbers. If you already have existing local numbers, you can easily port them over and can enjoy our carrier diversified resilient voice network functionality.

Wide network footprint

We interconnect with multiple carriers, providing an extensive network in the U.S. and Canada.

Asset manager

A centralised place to keep and manage all your Telco assets no matter who your carrier is.

Easy port

Effortlessly port existing local numbers into our platform.


Years of experience

+1.6 Million

Numbers under management

+1 Billion 🔥

Call minutes routed annually

+25 Thousand

Different voice channels