Your single point of management of IoT services for all devices

Centrally manage your SIM cards in one secure environment, while providing visibility into their real-time SIM usage. Learn more or request a free demonstration today.

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Together with NuvoLinQ, we’re simplifying the way companies manage their IoT communication needs


Ordering sim cards and provisioning e-sims


Device inventory and management


Alerts based on activation, usage thresholds, and more


Ordering and managing actions through a single management portal


Ability to change the status of sims: activate, deactivate, and retire


Rate plan optimization to ensure you will never pay overage


Ensure consistent connectivity to critical business applications no matter what’s occurring across the network

Global coverage

A multi-carrier solution that can easily connect you to multiple carriers across borders. Operating in 175 countries, supplying native and roaming connections across all regions.

Simplified billing

Clients benefit from simple, flexible billing tailored to your company’s specifications. We provide a manageable billing system offering one invoice for all of your data solutions.

Network attributes

SIMs come equipped with multiple features which help clients improve visibility into all data transactions, while providing 7/24 monitoring, the highest levels of security protocols and optional VPN integration.

Connectivity management

A custom-engineered software, which provides full visibility over your entire SIM inventory, including real time usage, usage reporting, field customization, SIM monitoring and embedded optimization software to ensure cost certainty.

Secure cloud infrastructure

The core network operates on a proprietary Cloud Network Infrastructure committed to assuring clients a redundant environment that maintains security, high availability, predictable performance and privacy.

Robust API

The platform includes scalable API credentials. Integrate our unique tools and information into your own applications and other business processes to seamlessly manage your company’s day to day operations.

We’re proud of our alliance with NuvolinQ Inc. LinQView Network Management Platform

NuvolinQ Simplicity

The fastest and easiest way to stay connected! Your team can access anywhere in North America as well as over 60 countries with direct connectivity and 175 countries utilizing primary roaming agreements through the deployment of preconfigured, easy-to-install SIMs all registered on a single portal.

LTE Failover / Business backup

Get peace of mind that your business-critical systems are operational 24/7 with an LTE Failover/Business Backup solution that automatically switches to an alternate secure 4G LTE network when your primary network fails and gives you real-time notifications on network status.

SOHO / Work-from-home

An easy-to-install SOHO/Work-from-Home solution provides cost-effective, secure, and reliable wireless connectivity 24/7, ensuring your employee’s connection to critical business applications is assured, no matter what else is happening across the home and family.


Years of experience

+1.6 Million

Numbers under management

+1 Billion 🔥

Call minutes routed annually

+25 Thousand

Different voice channels