Differentiate your customer experience with our In-Queue Entertainment Platform

Qtivity is an innovative in-queue entertainment platform that enhances and integrates into leading contact center solutions. Learn more today!

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Qtivity is shifting the paradigm of the on-hold experience

Qtivity will allow callers to define their in-queue experience by enabling them to choose the music they listen to, or select from a menu of alternative activities like quizzes, polls and other fun, interactive experiences.


Transform the on-hold saga

Qtivity eliminates caller complaints about the quality of music and repetitive announcements that dominate current contact center queues and allows businesses to energize the way that they welcome their customers.

Get a customized experience!

Qtivity currently offers over thirty genres of music that can be incorporated into your queue experience. Additional caller experiences are launching soon, which will allow you to offer your customers an in-queue entertainment experience unlike any other!

Utilize actionable data

Your marketing team benefits from a simple, web-based interface to implement messaging directly into the on-hold experience, such as limited-time promotions, holiday or event-based content. Our intuitive dashboard reveals which messages, songs and experiences are connecting with 
your audience.

What are the benefits?

Lead the paradigm change

Reward your customers with an advanced in-queue entertainment experience that actually becomes a customer experience differentiator.

Improve NPS and CSAT scores

The Qtivity In-Queue Entertainment Platform raises the bar for on-hold experiences. It can even survey the caller’s opinion while in-queue.

Reduced call abandon rate

Since they control the experience, a caller’s willingness to hold increases, realizing a greater likelihood they will connect with an agent.

Increase agent retention

Qtivity delivers customers to the contact center agent in an improved frame of mind, achieved through a superior in-queue experience.

Reduced customer churn

When the in-queue experience is mishandled, customer churn increases and brands are damaged. Qtivity protects your customer relationships.

A new analytics tool

Gain access to a new tier of proprietary data through our intuitive dashboard, that will help you better understand your customers.

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+25 Thousand

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