Celebrating 25 Years of Aizan

A Letter From CEO, Sean Morris.

June 18, 2024

Twenty-five years in business is no small feat. It's a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence, the ability to listen to your customers, and the courage to embrace change in an ever-evolving marketplace.

As we reflect on our journey, I can't help but marvel at the remarkable transformation that has unfolded in the world of communication technology since the inception of Aizan.

Cast your mind back to 1999 - the year of Y2K. Technology was on everyone's lips, dominating the global conversation like never before. And here we are in 2024, our 25th anniversary, standing on the cusp of another technological revolution, with AI poised to redefine the landscape once again.

1999 was a pivotal year, not just because of the hype surrounding Y2K. It was the year that saw the birth of BlackBerry, revolutionizing mobile email communication. Napster disrupted the music industry, forever changing how we consume music. And Salesforce.com introduced the world to enterprise applications delivered through a website.

Similarly, at Aizan in 1999, we celebrated when our three founders established one of the first hosted IVR solutions in Canada. Today our systems handle over 1.2 billion call minutes per year, and we have introduced Qtivity, the first in-queue entertainment platform that changes the paradigm of the on-hold experience by offering callers over 100 SKUs of largely AI-generated proprietary content.

As our team has grown over the years, we have maintained our boutique approach to problem-solving by empowering staff members to take chances. To call it “thinking outside the box”, would be a  cliche and we don’t settle for cliches, so we adopted the SkunkWRX approach to product development. It’s a mindset that makes work fun and often takes us places that result in incredible outcomes.

We have learned many lessons over the last 25 years, including understanding that in order to provide value in 2024, we need to apply long-standing truisms - listening intently to our customers and investing in Employee Experience.

As we celebrate 25 years of business, we thank our customers and fellow Aizaners, past and present, for allowing us to bring our creative solutions to life. 

Right now we can’t imagine what the future holds, but we’re going to try!

Celebrating 25 Years of Aizan
Sean Morris

As CEO of Aizan Technologies, Sean Morris leads with a vision for innovation and excellence. With a passion for disruptive communication technologies, Sean drives the company's strategic growth and market leadership, ensuring Aizan remains at the forefront of industry advancements.

Celebrating 25 Years of AizanCelebrating 25 Years of Aizan

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