Aizan Inc. Acquires the CallQX Cloud-Based Music and Messaging Platform

Aizan Inc. acquires the CallQX cloud-based music and messaging platform.

Solution Allows Contact Center Managers to Easily Customize Their Caller In-Queue Experiences

The ongoing trend to demand more from virtual methods of engagement by customers requires corporations to ensure that their consumer-facing interfaces deliver the customized, more efficient omnichannel experience that consumers are demanding.

With that in mind, Aizan Inc., the recently launched American arm of Azian Technologies Inc., has acquired CallQX, an advanced in-queue media platform, designed to contribute to a comprehensive caller experience that includes exceptional in-queue interactions.

The value proposition for companies integrating the technology lies in the ability to increase caller retention, lower call abandonment rates, decrease overall call center expense and contribute to a positive brand experience by energizing the "in-queue experience," which the company calls "QX."

Through CallQX, consumers take control of their on-hold experience. They can select their favorite music genre, whether it be country, rock, jazz or one of many other choices, skip songs, change genres and even get more information about a favorite artist or song. Thousands of popular music selections have been licensed from top music labels.

Companies can customize the program to meet the unique profile of their market. The dynamic reporting included in the platform allows companies to measure important performance metrics and adapt the service to their customers' demonstrated preferences.

The dynamic quality of the platform also extends to a company's ability to integrate customized messages into the programming. The portal allows users to place and receive orders for professionally recorded voice messages — useful for new promotions, emergency messaging and holiday closings.

The acquisition of CallQX is the latest in a recent series of acquisitions and alliances announced by Aizan's parent company over recent months.

About Aizan

Aizan is driven by its customers' needs and aims to bring them the very best solutions to the marketplace, whether developed internally or secured through strategic alliances or acquisition. The company believes in leveraging the best tools, platforms and thought processes, to continually transform their capabilities and their customers. The company specializes in CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) solutions that allow its customers to connect to their customers like never before while providing an enhanced customer experience. The company has over 1.4 million telephone numbers under management and routes over 270 million calls annually.

For more information regarding this release or Aizan's suite of voice and messaging solutions, contact Shekhar Vasal, Chief Revenue Officer by email at or toll-free at 1-866-799-9222.

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