Aizan Technologies Inc. Acquires MessageKite Software, Advancing Their Voice and Messaging Platform Capabilities

Aizan Technologies Inc. acquires MessageKite Software, advancing their voice and messaging platform capabilities.

Another advancement in Aizan's quest to enhance their customers' ability to streamline and simplify their customer interactions.

With an estimated 2.2 trillion SMS and MMS messages sent in the U.S. alone in 2020 (CTIA Annual Survey 2021), Aizan Technologies Inc.'s acquisition of the MessageKite texting solution capitalizes on the prevalence of text messaging as the preferred communication tool in the public discourse.

It was just a matter of time until the business community found a way to seamlessly integrate that capability into B2C and B2B communications. Since 2016, MessageKite has focused on developing a software solution that would simplify customer interactions for businesses of all sizes. The resulting software solution and its fit within the Aizan's CPaaS platform, AIM, made it an appealing acquisition for Aizan.

"Our stated goal when we started the company over twenty years ago was 'data collection innovation', which led to one of the first hosted IVR solutions in the country," said Sean Morris, Aizan's CEO. "It has been remarkable to see our product offerings evolve so significantly over the years, across the broad spectrum of voice and messaging solutions. The acquisition of specialized software like MessageKite accelerates our ability to offer our clients more tools in their goal to streamline and simplify their customer interactions, which ultimately leads to a better customer experience."

MessageKite's existing clients will continue to access their services through the self-serve portal. Aizan will also incorporate the solution into their AIM suite of communication tools which includes cloud-based contact center, IVR, toll-free and local number provisioning, plus a range of complimentary services, for enterprise customers who are looking for a more sophisticated approach to effective voice and messaging solutions.

About Aizan

Aizan is driven by its customers' needs and aims to bring them the very best solutions the marketplace has to offer, whether developed internally or secured through strategic alliances or acquisition. The company believes in leveraging the best tools, platforms and thought processes, to continually transform their capabilities and their customers. The company specializes in CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) solutions that allow its customers to connect to their customers like never before, while providing an enhanced customer experience. The company has over 1.2 million telephone numbers under management.

Founded in 1999, Aizan is privately-held, with its corporate headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.

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