Aizan Technologies Inc. and HoduSoft Pvt. Ltd. Celebrate Prestigious Recognition

Aizan Technologies Inc. and HoduSoft Pvt. Ltd. celebrate prestigious recognition in the latest Gartner Digital Markets Report.

As an early adopter of leading technology, Aizan Technologies Inc. identified HoduSoft Pvt. Ltd. as a forward thinking organization; an excellent partner as Aizan expands its suite of superior voice and messaging software solutions.

The wisdom of establishing that partnership has been confirmed with the announcement that HoduCC, the software that forms the underpinning of Aizan Technologies’ cloud-based, omnichannel AIM Contact Center platform, has in part, been recognized as a Category Leader and Front Runner in the latest annual software review done by Gartner Digital.

Specifically, HoduCC’s call recording functionality was found to be superior, scoring 87 out of 100, placing the software in the top ten of the North American software ranking. Scores are largely based on recent user ratings and reviews, providing a rating criteria which allows for unbiased rankings.

“We recognized the strength of the HoduSoft team a few years ago when we were seeking a partner that could support our roadmap and unique customer needs,” said Sean Morris, Founder and CEO of Aizan. “For years they have worked to support our product needs as well our customers with diligence to quality and truly customer centric approach. Congratulations to the HoduSoft team for this recognition of the great work you do.”

Kartik Khambhati, Co-Founder and CBDO of HoduSoft added, “We firmly believe that the success of our client is the lever for our success. It is this same belief that we have seen in working with the Aizan team. I heartily thank Aizan for all the support over the years and trusting us with their needs.”

This international collaboration allows the two companies to merge Aizan’s extensive telecommunications experience, working with large telephone companies and enterprise customers in the North American marketplace, with HoduSoft’s demonstrated ability to create superior voice applications that are flexible, scalable and most importantly, affordable. The recognition by Gartner Digital is further confirmation of that ability.

Aizan Technologies Inc. and HoduSoft Pvt. Ltd. look forward to continuing to advance voice and messaging solutions worthy of future recognition.


Started in the year 2015 in the city of Ahmedabad, HoduSoft is well-known for being cost effective and the best solution provider that in turn makes your business successful. With a dedicated approach towards developing world class products, HoduSoft has emerged as a leading business VoIP solutions provider. With a wide array of products, HoduSoft also ensures best returns on technological investments.

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We are driven by our customers’ needs and aim to bring them the very best solutions the marketplace has to offer whether built by us or others. We believe in leveraging the best tools, platforms and thought processes, to continually transform ourselves and our customers. The company specializes in CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) solutions that allow its customers to connect to their customers like never before, while providing an enhanced customer experience. Founded in 1999, Aizan is privately-held, with its corporate headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.

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