Aizan Technologies Inc. Integrates NuvoLinQ's IoT Capabilities Into Its AIM CPaaS Platform

Aizan Technologies Inc. integrates NuvoLinQ's IoT capabilities into its AIM CPaaS Platform.

Through an alliance with Nuvolinq Inc., Aizan Technologies Inc. is providing enterprises with a single point of management of their IoT services for all communication devices, in addition to managing their Voice and Messaging needs.

From ordering SIM cards to provisioning eSIMs, managing data consumption, ordering and managing local and toll-free numbers and providing consolidated invoicing, Aizan's AIM communications suite of products, supported by NuvoLinQ's LinQView platform, will simplify the way in which companies manage their landline and IOT communication needs.  

When International Data Corporation predicted last year that by 2025 there will be more than 40 billion devices worldwide connected to an IoT platform, it was yet another signal that one of this decade's most impactful technological advancements will be the continued proliferation of interconnectivity between previously passive devices.

The evolution of IoT services broadly is opening a new horizon of potential competitive advantage for companies. By enabling Enterprises of all sizes to easily manage their IOT needs, Aizan intends to help their customers derive deeper insights from their supply chain and products' performance. As a company's service delivery and responsiveness to their customers improves, so will business outcomes.

NuvoLinq's broad industry reach and ability to access mobile networks in over 175 countries made the partnership an easy decision for Aizan.

NuvoLinQ President Marc Bouchard said, "Our goal is to provide the best network and security. Our platform will allow Aizan's customers to centrally manage their SIM cards in one secure environment, while providing visibility into their real-time SIM usage. We're appreciative that Aizan sees the value for their customers."

Aizan CEO Sean Morris added, "Our customers will now have the ability to pool their data and integrate safeguards that ensure they maintain the most cost-effective rate plans for their specific needs across all devices."

The announcement is the latest in a series of service enhancements announced recently by Aizan as they continue to enhance AIM, their CPaaS platform that is driven by "connecting anyone to anything™".


NuvolinQ provides connectivity for the Internet of Things. NuvoLinQ offers a secure and seamless cloud-based, global network using in-country connectivity on multiple carriers to provide the highest quality network service to meet clients' needs and expectations.

About Aizan

Aizan believes in leveraging the best tools, platforms and thought processes to continually transform their capabilities and their customers. The company specializes in CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service) solutions that allow its customers to connect to their customers like never before, while providing an enhanced customer experience. The company has over 1.2 million telephone numbers under management.

Founded in 1999, Aizan is privately held, with its corporate headquarters in Toronto, Ontario.

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