It's Time to Re-think the On-Hold Experience

Nobody likes being on hold when calling in for customer service, but we’ve all experienced it. As new technologies come onstream, the possibilities to improve customer experience expand, and contact centers are just as eager for that to happen as their customers. Innovation is taking many forms now in the contact center, and while the net result is to raise the bar for customer service, little attention has been paid so far to the on-hold experience.This Insight Report explains why this has been a missed opportunity for contact centers, and how by providing personalized interactions, on-hold time can become a strategic form of engagement to drive better customer service outcomes. The impact of a better on-hold experience is greater than you might think, and aside from evaluating that in terms of contact center ROI, the analysis identifies key characteristics of what that improved experience should look like.

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This Insight Report was authored by J Arnold & Associates, an independent technology analyst consultancy. The analysis and conclusions have been drawn from industry-based research conducted across the contact center ecosystem.

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